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Business Car Lease Cambridge – Applewood Vehicle Finance

Welcome to Applewood Vehicle Finance. We have 40 years’ experience in the finance and motor industry combining luxury models with afford prices. We aim to find the very best business car lease for Cambridge and customers in the surrounding regions. If you’re on the lookout for car leasing deals for your business then you have come to the right place. We supply a selection of vehicles from the leading car manufacturers available on a variety of flexible finance options.

Whatever your requirements, we will take the time to understand you and your business helping you find the perfect business car lease. As founding members of the BVRLA leasing committee, you can have complete confidence in our teams finding you the right deal to enhance your business options.

Company Car Leasing Cambridge

Our versatility and flexibility when it comes to company car leasing is one of the reasons we continue to be the first choice for many. Our finance lease is a simple straightforward lease that does not include any facility beyond the supply of vehicle allows clarity in the case of an early settlement. Thinking about your company car lease can leave many overwhelmed and confused.

Our tax and VAT efficient leases are designed to meet you ownership needs and we work to ensure that we can adapt to your requirements. For more information on all our business car leases across Cambridge, be sure to get in touch with our team today for expert advice and guidance to an affordable future for your business.

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