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With over 40 years of experience within the finance and motor industries you can be sure of the best expertise when you talk to Applewood. As founder members of the BVRLA leasing committee we believe in raising standards and work hard to ensure your satisfaction every time you lease a car for your business.

If you are exploring the options of a company car lease for your commercial needs then we are always happy to help. Call us now on 0800 783 3812 to talk about your vehicle requirements, request a quote online or call in and see us to discuss a potential business car lease in Leicester or further afield.

Company Car Lease

If you require a little flexibility with regards to the term of your contract, then consider a finance lease. This straightforward method of funding usually does not include any facility beyond the supply of the vehicle, and can be less penal in the case of an early settlement. It is as tax and VAT efficient as contract hire and the customer is responsible for the disposal of the vehicle.

A finance lease is an efficient equivalent to hire purchase for a VAT registered business. Here at Applewood we are unique in being able to offer a comprehensive maintenance option with finance leases in Leicester and across the UK. Contact us today to learn more about the full range of our services.

Looking for Other Options?

Another method of business car leasing is a lease purchase, which is similar to a hire purchase but with the option of deferring a balloon payment to the end of the contract. Although the treatment of VAT is not quite as efficient for a purchase agreement, there may be a significant tax benefit to be taken in the first year of the lease in the instance of commercial vehicles.

To find out more about car leasing for your business, look no further than Applewood Vehicle Finance.

Thinking About a Business Car Lease?

Think Hire Purchase and add in the option of a Balloon Payment and you end up with Lease Purchase. Although the treatment of VAT is not as efficient for a purchase agreement, there may be a significant Tax benefit to be taken in the 1st year of the lease in the instance of commercial vehicles.

A comprehensive Maintenance option is available with a Lease Purchase agreement. Applewood also offer a business car lease option for our commercial customers.

If you are based in Leicester, Cambridge, Peterborough or anywhere else nationwide, make Applewood your first port of call for high quality car leasing. Call us today on 0800 783 3812 to learn more about our services.

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