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Contract Hire


Contract Hire

Offering contract hire to businesses and individuals based nationwide, Applewood Vehicle Finance are well-established as one of the leading providers of car and van leasing in the UK. From a fleet of company cars to a contract hire car for personal use, we can cater to every budget and requirement with one of our leasing contracts.

Contract hire has become increasingly popular with motorists who are looking to drive away in a brand new car at a cost that is much more affordable than purchasing a new vehicle outright. Instead of owning your new car outright, you will lease it for a set period, usually between two or five years, for a fixed monthly payment. By spreading the costs of motoring in this way, you can enjoy a reliable, modern vehicle with all of the kit and features that you need without spending a fortune. Once your contract has come to an end, you will simply return the car, and you will be free to arrange another contract on a newer model. It really couldn’t be easier, or more affordable, to get out and about on the roads in a car that you love for a price that you can afford.

Contact us today for a quotation and discover just how much you could save with contract hire from Applewood Vehicle Finance. Whether for your business or for personal use, we can tailor a contract to suit your needs, so get in touch now to begin your enquiry and take the first step towards more affordable motoring.

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