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Contract Hire Peterborough – Applewood Vehicle Finance

Are you looking for a way to get your hands on a brand new car without the large initial outlay? If so then you should check out the contract hire deals we have on offer here at Applewood Vehicle Finance. We have developed a strong reputation for offering competitively priced contract hire in Peterborough and beyond. With contract hire you essentially rent the car from us, returning it at the end of the contract period – but why would you want to do that rather than buy?

Leasing allows you to drive away a brand new car without having to pay a large deposit up front, while you can also expect to benefit from VAT and Tax advantages as well as the purchasing power a leasing company enjoys when it comes to maintenance, tyres and repair. To find out more about the benefits of contract hire over purchasing, feel free to give us a call on 0800 783 3812.

Contract Purchase Peterborough

Not only do we have an extensive selection of new cars to choose from, but we also have an expert team of incredibly knowledgeable professionals who are able to provide you with advice on exactly what vehicle will best suit your requirements and lifestyle. Although you aren’t buying the car, you still need to be sure that you are going to be happy driving it for the next 2-5 years. Contract Purchase may be beneficial to those businesses that are not VAT registered.

At the end of a contract purchase agreement you will still have the opportunity to buy the vehicle outright, with the price defined in the contract at the outset. We recommend personal contract purchase to ensure a guaranteed purchase price at the beginning of the contract for those opting out of a company car. For more information about contract purchase in Peterborough, or any of the services we can provide, give us a call or complete our online contact form.

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