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Include maintenance on your leased car contract and drive away with peace of mind


At Applewood we offer the full package, not just the car and finance, but all backup and support you need through the life of the contract.

We are pleased to offer Maintenance Options, Online Fleet Management, Short Term Rental, Gap Insurance and Accident Management.  Each of these options is explained in more detail below or call us on 0800 783 3812 for more information.

Fixed Cost Maintenance

No matter how you pay for it, maintenance is not optional when you run business vehicles for two reasons:

  • The safety of your drivers is paramount – the law says so
  • The Terms & Conditions of your Contract state that you must maintain the vehicle properly. Ignore this and it will result in additional costs when the vehicle is returned

Including a Maintenance contract with your finance contract makes sense because it controls your expenditure and regulates your cashflow. Over 80% of our clients include maintenance in their contracts.

Maintenance includes servicing, tyres and repairs relating to fair wear and tear and recovery services.

Maintenance does not include windscreens – these costs are covered by your insurance company, however you can use our maintenance service to arrange the repair of a windscreen and the costs will then be charged to your company.

On-Line Fleet Management

Our on-line fleet management system allows our customers to access all the data about all their vehicles including contract details, vehicle details and driverinformation.

MOT and Road Tax anniversaries are shown as is the anticipated current mileage for each vehicle.

Owned vehicles and any other leased vehicles can be included.

Call us for more details or to arrange for access – 0800 783 3812.

Accident Management

Accident Management is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to support you and your drivers in the unfortunate event that they are involved in an accident.

Rapid deployment of all services ensure that driver inconvenience and vehicle downtime is kept to a minimum and the award winning service provided by Total Accident Management, part of the Helphire Group plc, helps to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Gap Insurance

As an Appointed Representative of Premia Solutions Ltd who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) we are able to offer the Gap insurance for all your vehicles.

Up to £5,000 (or £10,000 for higher value vehicles) will be paid out in the event of a total loss (accident or theft). The insurance company and the finance company will negotiate the value of the vehicle. If there is a shortfall between these values this difference will be paid out by the Gap insurance policy. Up to £250 of your excess will also be paid by the policy.

Short Term Rentals

In conjunction with a major rental company we are able to offer a range of short term rentals at very competitive rates. We can provide rental vehicles from a single day to several months.

There are several occasions when a short term may be useful:

  • To bridge a gap between the return of one vehicle and the delivery of a new one.
  • To provide a vehicle in the event of a breakdown or accident.
  • To provide a vehicle for a new employee during their probationary period without committing to a long term contract.
  • To provide a minibus for group travel

We can arrange to deliver/collect the vehicle to/from any address in the UK. A standard car can be provided within 2 working hours. Simply call or email to book a vehicle.

If you are not an existing customer you can book a rental car here

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