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Beware the Cash for Crash scams

04 Sep

Crash for cash scams are staged collisions. The one to watch for is when someone deliberately flashes you to dupe you into thinking they are giving way and then driving into the side of your vehicle. This makes it very difficult … Continue reading

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Do your Homework before the School Run

29 Aug

The school run brings with it a 20 per cent growth in rush hour traffic. A little preparation can go a long way to making the school run easier, safer and less stressful, so take the extra time and plan … Continue reading

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A Clear Sign of Success.

24 Jul

Your car or van is a mobile advertising hoarding for your business, but are you making the most of it?

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Keeping your vehicles and drivers legal

19 Jul

IF YOU run a small fleet of 5 or more vehicles you have a legal obligation to ensure you assess the road risk of your drivers and that your company cars comply with safety and documentation requirements.

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Simple Tips for a Stress Free Commute

18 Jul

The biggest problem with commuting is that everyone travels at the same time. People get frustrated and tired and will be more inclined to behave unpredictably – be wary and anticipate the actions of road users around you.

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Standing out in the Crowd

05 Jul

This is a car to be noticed for two reasons – it’s the new Vauxhall Ampera which has a fantastic new generation electric/petrol hybrid engine and it has been beautifully wrapped by its proud owner – Signs Express in Northampton.

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We’re all going on a Summer holiday!

17 Jun

As the summer holidays approach, you may be considering driving in Europe.  This article includes several tips about safe driving in both France and Germany.  Remember you must comply with the rules of every country you drive through.

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Driving Abroad – Plan and Prepare

06 Jun

If you’re planning to drive in Europe, you’ll need to be aware that driving laws and regulations differ from country to country. Even if you’re planning to merely pass through a country, you’ll need to be aware of their regulations … Continue reading

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Driving and Dementia Awareness Week

23 May

This week is Dementia Awareness Week, and as dementia mainly affects people over the age of 65 – an age group which makes up 25 per cent of the UK driving population – here are some tips for older drivers.

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Top Tips When Leasing a Van

10 May

This post explains all the things you need to think about when leasing a van that you would normally forget about. Read on for more information on van hire. Continue reading

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Beer and Barbeques

09 May

Summer is nearly here! The summer is a time of festivals, BBQs and jam packed beer gardens. But the summer sees a rise in drink-drive casualties too. Enjoy yourself and leave the car at home if you plan to celebrate … Continue reading

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Don’t go parking up the wrong tree.

01 May

As a lady trying to park her car goes ‘viral’ on youtube, here are a few hints to make parking easier and to save any embarrassment: Park on the left-hand side of the road if possible – make it always if … Continue reading

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Driving Safely on Country Road

18 Apr

Going for a Drive? Enjoy our beautiful country roads with thes simple tips to keep you safe: Always ensure you can stop within the distance you can see to be clear on your own side of the road. This will mean you … Continue reading

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What To Do If Buying A Car Outright Just Isn’t Affordable

02 Apr

If you can’t afford to buy a car outright there are other options available to you. Read on to see how you can still drive around without paying upfront. Continue reading

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World Car Awards 2013 – Shortlists Revealed

28 Feb

With the World Car Awards 2013 in March we thought we would give you a taster of the cars that have been shortlisted – read this latest post for all the info Continue reading

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Top Tips for Car Leasing

31 Jan

Are you thinking of leasing a car this year? Yes? Read this latest post from Applewood Vehicle Finance and check out these top tips for leasing a car. Continue reading

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The Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost

31 Jan

The new Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost may not seem like much but it really packs a punch and could be a real competitor for the diesel car, read on to find out more Continue reading

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First of the fleet ready for delivery

12 Dec

Smart signwriting completed and the first van of the fleet is ready for delivery to our customer.

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Leasing a Car Vs Buying

07 Dec

With the rising cost of running a car is it cheaper to buy one outright or lease? Read this post from Applewood Vehicle Finance for all the info you need Continue reading

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30 Nov

We have come across a Payday Loan company that is scamming our website address, along with a number of other reputable businesses.  The link is this below: Applewood Vehicle Finance Ltd are in no way related to this and … Continue reading

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Company Driver Policy

12 Oct

Do you have a driver policy in place for your employees?  Talk to us about the legal requirements and we can supply you with a sample policy free of charge.

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New Website Launched

20 Jul

Our new website is now live.  Have a look at the offers available for immediate delivery.

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Best deals on servicing

09 Jul

Cover all your servicing costs with a simple monthly payment.

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