A Clear Sign of Success.

24 Jul

Your car or van is a mobile advertising hoarding for your business, but are you making the most of it?

Poor livery can damage your business’s credibility in the eyes of customers and potential clients. And research suggests that more than 3000 people an hour see a sign-written vehicle operating in a busy area.

So how can you ensure your signwriting is doing a good job in raising your company’s identity, boosting your marketplace profile and generating a significant number of inquiries?

There are some golden rules to follow to make your signage stand out from the crowd:

  • Make the text clear and easily readable. Small text is difficult to read, particularly while a vehicle is on the move.
  • The number of ‘contact points’ within the graphic should be kept to a minimum. Most people seeing the graphic will also be on the move, so an easy-to-remember response number or address is paramount.
  • The back of a van is the best place for text as information about your business can be read by those behind.
  • Avoid too much information or clutter within the graphic. It’s difficult to read and could be a serious distraction for other drivers.
  • Less is more: text should be contained within a 15% margin from the sides of the working area, such as a van’s ‘box’ or doors.
  • Complicated designs can present difficulties in matching reprints if a vehicle is damaged.  Keep it simple.
    • Most marketing designs require vibrant colours with vivid contrasts; so don’t use dark colours on dark vehicles. Consider the costs of applying, removing and repairing (if the vehicle is involved in an accident).

For more information about the benefits of signwriting on your vehicles contact us on 01572 723 433 or your local Signs Express.

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